Position : Information Systems Project Lead
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Jobs Overview

Post Date

15 September, 2022

Closing Date

31 December, 2022

Salary Range

$ 1200-1700 / Month

Jobs Category


Jobs Location

Phnom Penh

Candidate Gender

Male / Female

Jobs Term

Full Time

Jobs Experience

3 Years

Jobs Level


Jobs Description

- Collaborate with consultants to finalize the integrations between the different software, as per

business requirements

- Maintain and improve the business software and their database, as well as the IT architecture

- Implementing IT strategies that deliver projects on schedule and within budget

- Maintaining project timeframes, budgeting estimates and status reports

- Setting project goals and coming up with plans to meet those goals

- Managing resources for projects, such as IT equipment (computer)

- Create maintenance program and implement (hardware, software and network)

- Coordinating project team members and developing schedules and individual responsibilities

- Using project management tools to track project performance and schedule adherence

- Conducting risk assessments for projects

- Organizing meetings to discuss project goals and progress

- Other tasks assigned by management.

Jobs Requirement

- Education: Bachelor's degree or above

- You have a previous successful experience with IT, database or software development.

- Thorough understanding of project management principles and planning.

- Thorough understanding of information technology procedures and practices.

- You have excellent English writing skills and understand the importance of documenting your

work and progress for sharing information with your teams.

- Strong written and verbal communication skills to coordinate with team members and

management and explain technical issues

- Excellent analytical, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

- Versatility, and capability of multitasking

Contact Information

Contact Person

Chheng Sreynin

Industry Company


Phone Number

069 900 599/095 333 797

Email Address


1st Floor CPL Building #25 & 63, St. 348/205, Toul Svay Prey II, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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