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30 May, 2022

Closing Date

30 August, 2022

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Siem Reap

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Male / Female

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Full Time

Jobs Experience

2 Years

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Jobs Description

You are responsible for all aspects of hotel management in accordance with Lub d & local policies, procedures,

and brand guidelines. You will contribute to the effective promotion of the hotel as a destination for travelers to

experience what Lub d and surrounding areas have to offer. You will oversee a high quality service in all

departments, plan/support hotel events and activities. You will be in charge when the hotel manager is not available. Another important task will be managing staff while working closely with guests. Your management of

the day-to-day operation and interaction with the Lub d team will also ensure the ultimate success of the operation.

To create truly unforgetable experiences by delivering unique accommodation, activities and service.Adhere to local regulations concerning health, safety, or other compliance requirements, as well as brand standards and local policies and procedures.

**Hotel Manager responsibilities include, but aren’t limited to:

● Ensuring that a high standard of guest care is provided at all times and that all employees are adequately briefed, trained and supervised to deliver this level of service

● Take all reasonable steps to ensure the health and safety and security of the guests, employees

and visitors at all times

● Introduce, maintain and update hostel-specific Quality Assured Standards of performance and checklists for all areas of service delivery

● Comply with and act responsibly with Lub d’s policies, procedures, instructions and all relevant current legislation ensuring that all required hotel records are kept as required

● Assist in the marketing, promotion and development of the hotel so as to maximise the potential annual accommodation, food, beverage and other hostel sales income to assist with the financial viability of the hostel.

● Actively foster good local community relations and work in partnership with affiliated and community organizations to Lub d

● Ensure that all employees maintains the highest standards of uniform, personal presenta

on and hygiene

● Evaluate, monitor, appraise and train all employees on a regular basis to ensure a high standard of

service delivery and personal development

● Actively seek to maximize all hostel income sales whilst ensuring costs are efficiently managed and surpass the agreed annual hostel budget and thereby contribute to the financial viability of Lub d

● Ensuring our guests are welcomed to the world of Lubd, and the neighbourhood

● Help create, make, lead & participate with our guests in the activities we offer, giving them another reason to love our hotel.

● Responding to guest complaints in a timely fashion, both at property and through online channels

● Setting up a culture of empowerment for your team to effectively solve problems and create harmony between housekeeping, engineering, reservations & Lubd team to ensure success.

● Ensuring work areas are kept clean, in an orderly state, and ensure the team follows this requirement.

● Scheduling of the team, ensuring all common areas are covered as required.

● Being flexible in your own schedule, rotating yourself on evenings, mornings and over some weekends. You do not have a fixed schedule.

● Controlling expenses without reducing quality or service and by conducting cost awareness among members & efficient purchasing

● Conducting weekly inspections and ensuring facilities are kept in optimal condition byimplementation of PMM programs and strong planning and management of FF&E, as directed.

● Assistng in the developing and implementing the strategic plan, business plan, annual budget,goals & incentive program to ensure on an on-going basis optimum guest satisfaction, sales potential, team retention and profitability

● Assists in monitoring present and future trends/practices in the hotel industry

● Guiding the team to be honest, friendly, genuine & caring as well as maintaining professional relationships with our guests.

● Creating & executing SOP training programs

● Acting as an ambassador for the Lub d brand, promoting the positive reputation of the brand & when using social media on Lub d.

● Assist in overseeing and directing the personnel function of the hotel including recruitment, hiring, on-boarding, coaching, counselling, training, discipline, salary administration, labor relations, performance appraisal and succession planning.

● Creating & maintaining effective internal communications including hosting meetings to ensure optimum teamwork and productivity.

● Being supportive, encouraging, a mentor and guide to all your team members, resulting in effective employee relations and a positive working relationship amongst team members.

● Ensure the rules & regulations as stipulated by human resources around uniforms, personal hygiene & appearance are enforced and council team members if they do not follow.

● Controls the hiring & dismissal of heads of department and supervisors payroll charges, change ofstatus, promotions and changes in policy

● Report directly overall to the hotel manager.

● Make sure the team is flexible and willing to fill in any areas where needed to help.

Jobs Requirement

● Demonstrated ability to interact with customers, employees and third parties that reflects highly on the hotel, the brand and the Company.

● Experience in providing high quality customer service

● Proficiency in English and computer literate

● At least Bachelor degree in any field

● At least 2 years’ experience in international hotels with evidenced tracked record of achievements

● Strong in inter-personality, leadership, and creative skill

● Good public speaking skill (track record of presentation or public speaking training course)

● Strong in driving results and people management and development Note: This job descrip

on can be modified, as business demands require without prior notice.

● Critical thinker and problem-solving skills

Contact Information

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Industry Company


Phone Number

063 966 802

Email Address



07 Makara Street, Watbo Village, Sangkat Salakamroeuk, Siem Reap City

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