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Position : Supervisor- IT Customer Service
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2 years ago
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Jobs Overview

Post Date

07 April, 2022

Closing Date

30 June, 2022

Salary Range


Jobs Category


Jobs Location

Phnom Penh

Candidate Gender

Male / Female

Jobs Term

Full Time

Jobs Experience

3 Years

Jobs Level

Senior Level

Jobs Description

• Manage the processing of user support requests via email, telephone, and messenger tools to ensure, timely, and effective resolution of end-user issues.

• Responsible for the setup and management of the Microsoft 365, Trend Micro, Helpdesk management systems, and active directory.

• Design and enforce request handling and escalation IT policies and procedures.

• Responsible for the daily inspection, monitoring and operation, and maintenance analysis of the company's IT equipment such as laptops, desktops, printers, projectors, CCTV, etc.

• Coordinate and perform hands-on fixes at the computer level, including installing and upgrading software, installing hardware, fixing and replacing computer components.

• Propose best solutions for improving IT service support to end-users.

• Checking of software updates, new patches, drivers, knowledge bases, and frequently asked questions resources on the Internet to aid in problem resolution.

• Identify, recommend, develop, and implement end-user training programs to increase computer literacy and self-sufficiency.

• Manage IT projects and provide expert guidance on support matters for other IT projects

• Ability to delegate, problem-solving, decision-making, and Effective Communication.

• Track and analyze trends in Help Desk system requests and generate statistical reports to show management.

• Self-confident and able to work in a team

• Good in English, both written and spoken.

Jobs Requirement

• Degree Level : Bachelor's degree, master's degree is beneficial for career advancement

• Degree Field: Computer science, information technology, or a computer-related field

• Certification: ITIL, CCNA Certified is beneficial for career advancement

• Experience: 2-4 years of experience are usually required

• Key Skills: Customer service, organization, leadership, problem-solving skills; attention to detail and ability to work in teams; familiarity with hardware & software, Basic knowledge about network devices, switches, routers, access points, client computer administration, network monitoring, and server.

Contact Information

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Industry Company


Phone Number

(099) 999-236

Email Address



Building 33, Samdach Penn Nouth St.289, Sangkat Boeung Kak 2, Khan Tuol Kork,Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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