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K Four Group Ltd

ID 11925
Contact Person
Phone +85581306666
Contact email
Address Kfour Tower, Building C3-1, 4th Floor, St. 169, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Company Description Kfour Group was founded by Okhana Kith Sensorya in 1994 as Sensorexim Co., LTD in the form of a small shop along one of Phnom Penh's busiest streets which focused mainly on retail of home electronic appliances such as televisions, refrigerators, air-conditioners and DVD players amongst others. the company started off with just one branch located in central Phnom Penh long before shopping malls or outlets were even established in any part of Cambodia.
Over the next few years, the company expanded into wholesaling and as business grew, so did our customer base and brand name. The first milestone was hit when then Sensorexim, by 1997, became the biggest supllier of all type of home electronics to the entire Cambodian market by volume. In 1997, Sensorexim was rebranded as Kfour Group.
By 2002, Kfour was the biggest supplier of all electronic goods with a strong foothold in Cambodia. Between 2002 and 2013. Kfour's growth grew exponentially and by end-2013, will have a total of ten branches across all of Cambodia. We currently work with all major electronic brands including Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Hitachi, Toshiba, Kenwood, Bosch, Electrolux, and many more and we have received numerous awards from all brands at dealer conferences as the number one retailer in all of Cambodia. Our brand name is synonymous with premium brands and we carry only the most previum products to maintain our brand image.

Company Jobs
Title Location Closing date
Sale Indoor Phnom Penh 04-19-18
Sale Indoor Phnom Penh 04-12-18
Inventory Officer Phnom Penh 04-12-18
Store Supervisor (Indoor) Battambang 04-12-18
Cashier Phnom Penh 04-12-18
Receiver in Showroom ​(ជំនួយការស្តុក) Phnom Penh 04-12-18
Cashier Battambang 03-13-18
Receiver (ជំនួយការស្តុក) Battambang 03-13-18
Store Supervisor (Indoor) Phnom Penh 03-13-18
Inventory Officer Phnom Penh 03-13-18
Sale Indoor Battambang 03-13-18
Store Supervisor (Sale/Operation) Battambang 02-10-18
Cashier Battambang 01-10-18
Sale Battambang 12-09-17
Receiver (អ្នកកា​ន់ស្តុក) Phnom Penh 11-29-17
Cashier Phnom Penh 11-29-17
Inventory Officer (អ្នកកាន់ស្តុក) Battambang 11-29-17
Cashier Phnom Penh 04-01-18
Sale in showroom Battambang 04-01-18
Inventory Officer (អ្នកកាន់ស្តុក) Battambang 04-02-18
Marketing Manager/Supervisor Phnom Penh 08-15-17
Sale in showroom Phnom Penh 08-19-17
Receiver (Stock Keeper) Phnom Penh 07-28-17
Sale in Showroom Battambang 07-18-17
Store Manager/ Store Supervisor (Urgent) Battambang 07-08-17