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Lead Facilitator and Design Advisor

Company Mindcamp
Posted 20-09-2019
Closing date 30-09-2019
Category Education/Training
Location Phnom Penh
Salary USD -- USD
Year of Experience
Number of hire 1
Sex Female
Job level Middle
Job Responsibilities:
We are looking for a qualified Facilitator to join our team to deliver fun, activity-based learning programs. You will need to be energetic and know how to win over groups of adults. You will need to be able to communicate in a culturally appropriate way with people who are starting their working life - through to people who own and operate their own businesses.

Our curriculum is specifically designed to meet international adult learning standards while being very Khmer centric. Your Khmer-ness will be your greatest asset.

You will be able to think out-of-the-box and have fun while doing it. You will work with a specialist team of curriculum writers and designers to build the greatest learning experiences for your participants.

You will be fluent in Khmer language and advanced in English.

You will need to know how to operate a laptop as a facilitation tool and be able to use common programs such as GSuite, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel etc.

We are a small team of fun and excitable foreigners and Khmers who have the chance of a lifetime to deliver great new services to Khmer businesses. We have very flexible working hours where we are not booked for clients.

* To actively participate in the human-centred design process for each topic of the curriculum including the user experience, tool design and creation and implementation of tools and training sessions. Specifically to provide input on
- Cultural Appropriateness
- Targeting to Audience
- Appropriate Activities for Learning
* To deliver training sessions in Khmer (predominantly) and English (sometimes)
* To ensure quality control of Khmer elements in each training session
* To facilitate the gaining of knowledge through activities in the Training Sessions
* To actively contribute to the rest of the team to ensure the best quality products and services are being provided to our clients
* To oversee the translation of training documentation English to Khmer
* To supervise the Khmer Facilitator and Design Assistant (TBD)

* Must be able to work independently and as a team member
* Must be able to deliver work on time
* Must be fluent in Khmer language and have advanced English
* Must have experience facilitating and training groups of adults
* Must have experience designing training programs
* Knowledge of Human Centred Design is desirable

NOTE - Due to the specific nature of this role a Khmer female is highly desirable.

To Apply:
Email Anne Cunningham on [email protected] with your CV and covering letter.
Job Requirements:
Contact Person
Phone 092 174 234
Email [email protected]