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Admin Supervisor

Posted 13-03-2019
Closing date 13-06-2019
Term Full time
Category Administration
Location Phnom Penh
Salary USD -- USD
Year of Experience
Number of hire
Sex Male/Female
Job level Middle
Job Responsibilities:
Monthly attendance report.
 Design job announcements for hiring any kind of staff to meet company’s need. and make sure it’s well
written and knockout layout.
 Upload and send job ads to both local and international advertising websites, agencies, and other Company;
and update as needed.
 Coordinate candidate responses to advertisements – collate, screen and shortlist responses for presentation to
the recruiting manager.
 Participate as a member of the interview panel and coordinate where participation is not required.
 Prepare employment contracts/amendment, suspension, transfer contract for successful candidates and
another written paperwork agreement where needed.
 Coordinating all kinds of recruitment (i.e full time, part time, volunteer and internship).
 Sending correspondence incoming and outgoing emails (i.e application follow up emails,
job/volunteer/internship opportunities);
 If any parties failed to fulfill any conditions stated in the contract or any agreement; try to settle down the
problem in an amicable and constructive manner.
 Respond to problems and questions raised by individual staff or managers. Provide appropriate advice and
information pertaining insurance, recruitment and staff relations, and where necessary involve other parties
in these discussions
 Work out any grievances or complaints for the staff with other managers who are involved with the
 Assist Admin and HR Manager to develop HR policies.
 Provide advice and education to managers and individual staff members on the interpretation and application
of the Company’s policies.
 Suggest improvement, update and clarify Company’s HR policies when necessary;
 Be representative of the Company when coordinating with insurance company on behalf of the Company
when claims occur.
 Conduct orientation for all employees on insurance service, policies and claim eligibility and make sure that
staff is fully aware of this benefit.
 Provide advice to staff concerning insurance and sometime the position is required to travel to the scene to
settle the incident.
 Follow up claim payment for the staff if any delay occurs or if forms submitted are incomplete.
 Visit staff hospitalized and coordinate any inappropriate treatments to staff with hospitals and the NSSF.
 Administer all changes to individual staff contracts (eg: changes to salary, changes to working hours,
extension or termination of contracts, promotion or change of role, completion of probation period, letter of
 Ensure that appropriate approvals have been given for these changes and then produce confirmation letters or
other paperwork needed for processing the change.

 Participate to establish Job grading scale and review it if needed.
 Ensure that the administration and record keeping for all HR transactions is clear, efficient and accurate.
 Create and maintain HR files (both hard and soft copy) for every employee / workers – ensure that relevant
documents are filed and are available when required.
 Maintain and update the staff database.
 Translate HR documents and correspondence between English and Khmer as necessary.
 Provide copies of relevant documents to accounting and other departments.
 Performs related duties, as assigned or as necessary.
Job Requirements:
- Bachelor degree in Management or related field.
- English proficiency.
- Minimum 2-year experience in Admin or HR.
- Leadership skills.
- Good problem solving skills.
- Ability to work under high pressure and high responsibility
Contact Person
Address Phum Russey Srok, Khum Chherteal, Srok Keansvay, Kandal Province.
Phone 017 842 784 / 016 937 239/ 088 2088123
Email [email protected]